Dropshipping Business Economist Course!

Is that something for me? The Dropshipping Business Economist course is maximum practical relevance. It is suitable for you if you want to build your own dropshipping business. You'll get detailed step-by-step video instructions and the software you need. At the end of the 12 months you are qualified for the final examination to become a Dropshipping Business Economist. This course is not linked to the sales training because it only shows the sales markets and is therefore ideal if you already have a business and just want to scale it!

Start now with our Dropshipping course and build your own successful Dropshipping company within the coming year. In just 12 months, you'll have your webshop on an elite level and be qualified for the final exam to become a Dropshipping Business Economist!

This is the absolute complete solution and unique on the market. 100% focus on Europe, no China scrap!

100% sound knowledge of the 1. expert for Dropshipping of the Bundesverband Deutschland. Forget fake knowledge & fake experts!
BRANDNEU: Learn from the top expert 2019 for Dropshipping, awarded by the successful magazine!

You can also participate in our monthly livestreams and be in direct contact with your mentoring team Jasmin & Fabian! That alone is a highlight & will get you ahead faster! 🎉

With more than 360 HD videos including detailed step-by-step lessons, you can build your shop stable and profitable. We'll show you the difference between Gambio, Shopify and WooCommerce. So you start with the right shop system for you. If you already work with one of these systems, you can also dock it to our system without any problems.

The best: We not only provide you with the necessary specialist knowledge, but also the necessary technology directly! This enables maximum cost transparency and planning security for your successful start! So that you can really start or optimize right from the first month, you will receive 10 EU Dropshipping supplier contacts per month directly for your CRM system! In the end you have 120 resilient business contacts!

Du hast in den letzten 12 Monaten Geld für irgendwelche E-Commerce und Dropshipping Kurse rausgehauen? Die Kursangebote haben einfach nicht das geleistet was versprochen wurde? Dann kommt hier die Lösung!

Lade jetzt Deine Kaufbelege hoch und wir senden Dir deinen ganz persönlichen Rabattcode für den Dropshipping-Betriebswirt!

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Bsp: Angenommen Du hast einen Kurs für 275 EUR gekauft und einen weiteren für 200 EUR. Dann erhälst Du von uns einen Gutschein im Gesamtwert von 475 EUR. Bitte beachte, die Maximalgutschrift beträgt 2.500 EUR netto.

Versprochen: Du bekommst sämtliche Software an die Hand, mit welcher Du bereits im ersten Quartal nach Deinem Start einen verkaufsbereiten Store am Start hast! In den Folgemonaten lernst Du Deine Vertriebsmaschine in bis zu 45 Ländern und über 2.000 Vertriebsplattformen zu skalieren sowie automatisieren!

Buche ganz bequem ohne Mindestvertragslaufzeit und Du kannst monatlich kündigen! Alternativ bieten wir Dir unseren Jahres-Sparpreis bereits ab nur 249 EUR netto monatlich. Sämtliche Software für Deinen Start ist immer inklusive.

Du bist unter 18 Jahre alt? Dann startest Du komplett kostenfrei, sende uns einfach eine Mail mit Deinem Altersnachweis!

Of course you can expect much more FEATURES - this is only a small insight for you! 🤩

🔥 10 new EU Dropshipping suppliers every month

🔥 Online CSV processing tool for assortment processing

🔥 Price calculation tool for all your manufacturers

🔥 Expand your assortment at any time with your own products/assortments

🔥 360 HD training videos show you the way

🔥 13 years of practical experience in e-commerce & trade

🔥 Fabian is 1. expert for Dropshipping, therefore direct practical relevance. No theory or fake!

🔥 Exclusive exchange with other graduates in our XING Group!

🔥 Free invitation to the Round-Table Event in Palma de Mallorca with Jasmin & Fabian at the end of your exam! You're saving 800 EUR for the ticket. The invitation is guaranteed in any case in the last training month!

🔥 Qualify as a Dropshipping Business Economist after 12 months!

🔥 Can be cancelled monthly at any time! No hidden costs!

🔥 Suitable for both newcomers and established shop operators. We train for Gambio, Shopify and WooCommerce!

🔥 Monthly knowledge tests avoid gaps in knowledge and understanding!

🔥 This complete solution replaces all other courses and is completely COMPLETELY reworked in 2019 and thanks to its own software solution very intuitive to understand!

🔥 Earn real money parallel to your training as a Dropshipping Expert!

🔥 Virtual notepad allows you to write down your new findings immediately. Automatically saved in the respective monthly lessons and ready for export to Word & Print.

🔥 Fully optimized for your smartphone. Now for the first time you can really learn & work anywhere!

🔥 Monthly live streams that answer all your open questions. With varied feature guests, such as managing director Jasmin, tax experts, lawyers and also further participant voices!

🔥 If you're under 18 years If you are old, then you will get all business management video lessons for free! Send us now your age proof by Mail, then we switch you directly free!

If you already have experience with one of the following shop systems, you can take over your existing store and learn how to further automate and scale it. If you restart completely, you will already get a complete overview of the systems in the first month. You can then make a choice that really suits you and your requirements!