Unrivalled selling - Individual product & marketplace research

Is that something for me? At this point it is a prerequisite that you already have an instance with which you can run your dropshipping business. This includes your online shop with the corresponding connection to the marketplaces. How you can build a fully automated Dropshipping / E-Commerce solution can be found in our Dropshipping business economist course.

You have an online shop? You have listed the first products on the marketplaces and yet things are not going as you would like them to?

What you lack is experience in your industry!

Surely you know the entrepreneurial wisdom: "The profit lies in purchasing." The best buyers pursue clear strategies, know their market and know where demand exists and where it does not.

In 13 years of e-commerce practice, we have built up comprehensive expertise, developed our own product research strategies and perfected negotiations with suppliers.

You now have the opportunity to commission our expertise, with which we will put together an individual package for you according to your requirements and your current situation.

Package 1

You have a supplier!

One-time only 1,490 EUR net

You already have a supplier incl. CSV file which contains EAN numbers?

Then we go into the market research and will research for you the suitable market places on which you can sell your products without competition. We can also adapt your research here individually to your desired countries in which you would like to sell.

Package 2

You don't have a supplier yet!

One-time only 3,490 EUR net

You are ready to sell, have neither the right supplier nor the right products.

We will create an individual package for you of up to 50 products including supplier and sales license, suitable for your industry. We will dive into your niche and research the bestsellers for you + the suppliers with distribution licenses + marketplaces where you can sell without competition. This will take your business to the next level.